October 2004

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Certification Exam Tips, Trips and Traps

by Rooney, James J.

An ASQ certification can be a significant career enhancement, but the decision to sit for the exam requires careful preparation. Questions and answers are presented reflecting the author's experience in taking ASQ certification exams. Planning and...

Improving Service Quality at Honda

by Stottler, Wayne

Spotting defects in problem solving, decision making, or project management are fundamental to providing high quality service and support. As a provider of financial services, leasing support, and various sales and marketing-related services to Honda...

Stoplight Charts (With SPC Inside)

by Prevette, Steven

Many balanced scorecards use stoplight charts to track defects. Colors for the chart are set by comparing current results with target thresholds. Software that automates the process results in an operation that is quick and efficient, but which may be...

Quality Challenges in Global Companies

by Karaszewski, Robert

Quality management system implementation in multinational corporations is often hindered by factors related to cultural differences among its affiliates. A survey indicates major factors affecting QMS implementation include cultural limitations,...

Open Access

A Class Act

by Nelsen, Dave

Responding to Motorola's challenge to the American education system to produce student capable of competing in the global marketplace, Community Consolidated School District 15 in Palatine, IL began a journey resulting in its winning the 2003 Malcolm...

The Metamorphosis of the Quality Professional

by Westcott, Russ

Over the next decade, quality professionals can expect to see their roles increasingly absorbed into project management and other areas. To survive in this environment, quality professionals will have to acquire new competencies....

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