October 2000

Column: One Good Idea: Safeguard Analysis

by Dew, John R.

[Abstract from article]

Safeguard analysis offers a practical way to ensure that reliable safeguards are designed into activities to achieve product and process quality, avoid environmental insults, and protect the health and safety of employees....

Supercharging Your Pareto Analysis

by Stevenson, William J.

While many companies train employees in quality and encourage the use of quality tools, they must also work to minimize the risk that such tools will be used inappropriately. Pareto analysis represents one of the basic tools of quality. Pareto charts...

SPC Modified With Percent Tolerance Precontrol Charts

by Vermani, S.K.

The Military Aircraft and Missile Systems Group (A&M) of Boeing in St. Louis analyzed years of product acceptance data in 1994 and discovered that receiving inspection and source inspection at the facilities of suppliers was not adequate for predicting...

Understanding the Hierarchy of Process Control

by Pylipow, Peter E.

Managers often want to implement process control, but may be confused about what constitutes a state of process control, how they want their manufacturing systems to operate, and what the current state of the operating system may be. The current...

ASQ News

To assure the consistency and quality of transition training for certified auditors, the RAB auditor certification department has developed a program for approval of acceptable transition training courses in which it will review materials submitted by a c...

Making Informed Decisions In the Face of Uncertainty

by Ganley, Helen E.; Moxey, Jillian

A health care provider uses control charts to analyze data

Royal North Shore Hospital and Community Health Services (RNSH & CHS), a 650-bed government referral teaching hospital and trauma center in Sydney, Australia, recognized this and recently turned to such reporting mechanisms as a way to analyze patient sat...

Implementing Six Sigma in Europe

by Crom, Steve

A cross-cultural perspective

Yes, Six Sigma focuses on process improvement, design and management. Be sure to incorporate soft skills training (for example, facilitation and change management) in your Six Sigma training curriculum. And the CEO of every company that embarks on Six Sig...

Quality Web Watch

Here are some sites that the Quality Progress staff and readers found. Reliability Center Inc. has a Web site with features such as forums on various topics, a newsletter and articles, links to other organizations, a definitions page and a search service....

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Checklists - A Perfect Tool to Tune Up Your Quality Manual

by Kaganov, Mark

It is common in writing quality manuals that some requirements of some standards are forgotten and fail to be addressed. While the creation of a quality manual appears to be a simple matter of documenting a firm's commitment to a particular standard,...

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Using Corrective Action to Make Matters Worse (By Not Considering Variation)

by Davis, Wallace, III

One of the most important elements of a quality assurance program is the corrective action process. The success of the corrective action process depends on the commitment of management, but even in organizations where management is totally committed,...

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Will Quality Find a Home in the White House?

by ASQ

Identical questionnaires were sent to the campaign headquarters of both Governor George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore to determine how each administration would use quality methods to improve governmental efficiency. The questionnaires also asked...

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