October 1998

NCR's Quality Turnaround

by Staffaroni, Kathy; Bernstein, Mark

A two-phase quality improvement program at NCR supported its efforts to cut operating losses and increase revenue after the company became independent from AT&T. Phase one of the program involved five principles tied to operational performance:...

How to Fine-Tune Your Business Processes

by Epelman, Michael; Brimley, Derek; Maher, Dan; O'Brien, Daniel

Two tools for eliminating waste and managing handoffs between internal providers and customers are service-level agreements (SLAs) and internal service guarantees (ISGs). SLAs cover the delivery of support resources or services. The provider and...

Results: Monstrous. Want Some?

by Stratton, Brad

A commitment to quality and business results helps companies meet their market and competitive demands. Three such companies are described in a 1998 National Quality Month special report. Texas Nameplate Company, UPS, and the Overlook Hospital...

The Virtual Factory Approach to Quality Education

by Keane, John A.

Computerized simulation of factory behavior can give experience in implementing ISO 9000 or QS-9000. Run on a personal computer, the virtual factory was introduced by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) as a component of its After the Audit course....

Overlook Hospital Emergency Department: Meeting the Competition with Quality

by Stratton, Brad

Improvements in cycle time and customer satisfaction have helped Overlook Hospital Emergency Department increase in-patient volume and thus remain competitive. Median cycle time to thrombolytic treatment in early 1993 was 70 minutes, compared to the...

The Ups and Downs of Customer-Driven Quality

by Foster, S. Thomas, Jr.

Strategic quality planning (SQP) is a requirement for improvement via customer-driven quality. Also called strategic planning in Baldrige Award criteria, SQP supports the proactive, anticipatory nature of planned customer-driven quality. Another type...

UPS: Its Long-Term Design Delivers Quality Millions of Times Each Day

by Stratton, Brad

Quality improvement at United Parcel Service (UPS) has been driven by: effective communication with its employees; superior work processes; and investment in technology. The most recent UPS improvement initiative has been a 36-month migration strategy...

Texas Nameplate Company: All You Need Is Trust

by Stratton, Brad

Improvements in nonconformance rates and cycle times at Texas Nameplate Company (TNC) rely on good measurements and an easy to understand gain-sharing plan. In 1992, TNC's total nonconformances as a percentage of billing was between 15% and 18%, the...

Open Access

Insights into Organizational Self-Assessments

by Blazey, Mark L.

Baldrige Award-based self-evaluations of management systems and organizational performance include: full-length and short written narratives; the Likert scale survey; and the behaviorally anchored survey. A full-length narrative has a maximum of 50...

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