September 2017

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Data Disruption

by Duarte, Jim

There is much discussion these days about disruptive technology—cell phones are replacing landlines; electronic fuel injection is replacing carburetors; calculators have replaced the slide rule; and cell phones are eliminating watches entirely....

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The Deal With Big Data

by Boulanger, Michele; Chang, Wo; Johnson, Mark; Kubiak, T.M.

The era of big data is upon us. While providing a formidable challenge to the classically trained quality practitioner, big data also offers substantial opportunities for redirecting a career path into a computational and data intensive environment....

Better Intelligence

by Erukulapati, Kishore; Sinn, John W.

IT is changing the way we live, love, earn and learn. The world seems more interconnected today than ever before....

A Study in Measurement

by Choudhary, Neetu

Six Sigma is a highly disciplined, data-driven process that helps organizations develop and deliver near-perfect products, services and projects by improving the capabilities of business processes, increasing performance and decreasing variation....

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ASQ's 2017 Quality Resource Guide

by QP Staff

YOUR IATF 16949 RESOURCE AIAG: YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL THINGS IATF One of the automotive industry's most widely used international standards for quality management, ISO/ TS 16949, is evolving with the publication of a new global industry standard by t...

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