September 2015

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Keep Calm and Prepare for ISO 9001:2015

by Aston, Bill; Briggs, Susan; Cianfrani, Charles; Desai, Deann; Gluck, Allen; Palmes, Paul; Robitaille, Denise; West, John

This article is meant to calm your anxieties by helping you to understand five of the key changes in ISO 9001:2015, what they mean, what you must do to meet the new requirements and the resources available to you during the transition process....

A Hard Look at Software Quality

by Rodriguez, Moises; Piattini, Mario; Fernandez, Carlos Manuel

Software quality is a key challenge for organizations because of its impact on final costs. At the same time, software quality can be a competitive differentiator an organization can offer to its customers....

Like Father, Like Son

by Watson, Gregory H.

There's something unique and special about the contributions the Ishikawa family made to the global quality movement and its advancement in the development and applications of quality thinking and methods....

Amazing Audits

by Coleman Sr., Lance B.

A new approach that incorporates the Kano model can help you evaluate the performance of your quality audit programs....

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