September 2009

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PDSA Leads to Top Accolades

by Adrian, Nicole

Force field analysis. Two-way communication. SWOT analysis. These terms are likely familiar to quality professionals in the manufacturing, service and possibly even healthcare fields. But to those in education? It’s unlikely....

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Danger Zones

by Tiwari, Anshuman

I’ve often been asked to identify the toughest questions in the Baldrige criteria. Which questions make or break an assessment? What answers does an examiner seek that aren’t explicitly asked for in the criteria? What questions are the hidden jewels?...

Critical Stage

by West, A.H. "Jack"

Has Six Sigma been a good thing? While this is a straightforward question, there isn’t a simple answer....

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Extra Credit

by Mattis, Ted; Sinn, John

Recent data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development indicate the United States ranks 12th among major industrialized countries in higher education attainment....

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Tune Up

by Allen, I. Elaine; Davenport, Thomas H.

Six Sigma has many meanings. In its simplest context, Six Sigma can be defined statistically as the attempt to achieve near-perfection by having no more than 3.4 errors per million opportunities, or being 99.997% correct (or defect-free)....

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