September 2004

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Six Sigma and the Bottom Line

by Bisgaard, Soren; Freiesleben, Johannes

The cost of poor quality is a key criterion for the selection of Six Sigma projects. The economic effects of Six Sigma can be impressive, but must be evaluated relative to a company's cost structure and revenues. While defects and other quality metrics...

Managing Project Quality

by Kloppenborg, Timothy J.; Petrick, Joseph A.

Quality professionals who normally deal with ongoing processes need to know how to manage project quality effectively. Quality initiation and quality closure stages, unique because of the temporary nature of such projects, are often neglected. Failure...

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Simplify Baldrige for Healthcare

by Leonard, Denis; Reller, M. Katherine

The growing number of applicants for the Baldrige award in healthcare points to the need for a set of tools to help organizations assess themselves. A healthcare self-assessment matrix and opportunity for improvement worksheets are provided to help...

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Can the Gurus' Concepts Cure Healthcare?

by Nielsen, Don M.; Merry, Martin D.; Schyve, Paul M.; Bisognano, Maureen

Representatives of the movement for quality in healthcare present the views of four quality gurus as they apply to managing cost and improving the quality of healthcare. Don M. Nielsen says Philip Crosby's emphasis on prevention and zero defects has led...

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Two Hospitals Prescribe Performance Excellence

by Johnson, Kristen

Florida's Baptist Hospital Inc. (BHI) and Saint Luke's Hospital (SLH) in Kansas City, Missouri were recipients of the 2003 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in the healthcare category. In addition to its new mission to provide world-class patient...

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