September 2001

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Widgetcraft for One Small Paint Company

by Brody, Andrew M.

Marcus Paint Co., a small company specializing in the manufacture of custom formulated coatings for metal products in original equipment manufacturing, implemented QS-9000 to satisfy customer requirements. Despite initial misgivings, senior management...

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Column: Frontiers of Quality: Statistical Tools for Six Sigma

by Hahn, Gerald J.; Doganaksoy, Necip; Stanard, Christopher

What to emphasize and de-emphasize in training

These tools and closely related concepts, such as the design of experiments, are key elements of Six Sigma training and comprise up to half of the standard curriculum. The goal of standard Six Sigma statistical training is to give Green Belts and Black Be...

7 Steps to Improved Safety for Medical Devices

by Rooney, James J.

In medical devices, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a quality control process that covers every production phase from raw material procurement through distribution of the finished product. HACCP is a standalone program that...

Demystifying ISO 9001:2000

by Ketola, Jeanne; Roberts, Kathy

Because section 6 of the new ISO 9001:2000 standard extends resource management coverage to new areas such as competence and infrastructure, the section is a challenge for many organizations. The section also adds requirements related to resources for...

Column: Emerging Sectors: Cleaning Up With SPC

by Prevette, Steven S.

Statistical process control is playing a role in a huge environmental project at a nuclear weapon production site

The U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Hanford Nuclear Site played a pivotal role in the nation's defense beginning in the 1940s when it was created as part of the Manhattan Project. The current environmental clean-up...

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ASQ News

The E-Learning Center provides Web based courses on topics such as auditing, standards, basics of quality, automotive quality and Six Sigma. The keynote speaker for the Six Sigma Roundtable Oct. 4-5 in Chicago will be Steven H. Hoisington, vice president ...

Quality Web Watch

MEASUREMENT AND TESTING The National Institute of Standards and Technology's units and uncertainty site has contents on the values of constants and related information, in-depth information on the international syste...

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Journey to the Baldrige

by Phillips-Donaldson, Debbie, editor

The year's Baldrige winners are profiled. They include Operations Management International Inc. (OMI), Spicer Driveshaft (SD) (an operating unit of Dana Corp.), Karlee Co. Inc., and Los Alamos National Bank (LANB)....

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Quality Makes a Splash

by Provost, Lloyd P.; Qualye, Roger B.

In 2000, Operations Management International Inc. (OMI), a water and wastewater treatment company with operations worldwide, became the first such company to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in the service category. Determined to maintain...

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