September 1998

Statistical Gymnastics

by Quesenberry, Charles

Control charts for short runs as suggested by Bothe and used by Gilbert and by Wise and Fair are invalid. Even if a process is stable, such charts display unpredictable point patterns. For a stable process, the existence of points outside the control...

Team Empowerment: A Simple and Easy Solution

by Smialek, Mary Ann

QUEST (Quality Empowerment Survey for Teams) is a tool that helps teams make the most of their strengths while remediating their weaknesses. Team members use the QUEST survey to rate team factors such as respect, recognition, communications, problem...

Guidelines for TQ Partnerships Between Industry and Universities

by Cobb, Richard; Marker, Michael B.; Mulkey, Johnny W., Jr.

Total quality (TQ) partnerships between organizations, whatever their size or type, can be improved by following six guidelines. These suggestions are especially appropriate for business-university partnerships. First, the partners should be well...

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