September 1995

This Couldn't Happen in My Back Yard!

by Spiring, Fred A.

Quality practitioners should have interdisciplinary training in engineering, management, and statistics, but few colleges and universities in North America provide such cooperative programs. A case study demonstrates the failings of those who do not...

Maintaining Focus Within Your Organization

by Parr, William C.; Hild, Cheryl

Vision brings common understanding to the stakeholders of a company. But they must be wary of the seven deadly distractions. First, employment involvement is ineffective if it does not include senior management. Second, training becomes wasteful when it...

Quality Quest: One Company's Successful Attempt at Implementing TQM

by Drensek, Robert A.; Grubb, Fred B.

Introduction of total quality management (TQM) by a manufacturer of more than 2,000 products relied on training, involvement, and a pilot run of the problem solving process. Crosby's four absolutes of quality provided the foundation for this successful...

The Gentle Art of Chartering a Team

by Cupello, James M.

Establishing a problem solving team comprises six steps. This chartering process is overseen by a quality council. First, the quality council identifies a total quality management (TQM) executive to create the team. A team facilitator, who may be the...

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