August 2010

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Sustainable Future

by Scriabina, Natalia; Cort, Gary

The new international standard ISO 9004:2009—managing for the sustained success of an organization—a quality management approach, brings quality management to a new area of sustained success. The standard adds a new term, sustained success...

Past Is Prologue

by van Kemenade, Everard

Although it’s tempting to look ahead, it’s wise to look back and learn from the past. This axiom holds true for quality management, which is why the history of the discipline is worth closer examination....

Proof Positive

by Tiwari, Anshuman; Nandiwada, Siva

Implementing change is challenging. Implementing change while driving growth and profitability is even more difficult. But when growth and profitability are at a premium, the need to accelerate positive change becomes even more critical....

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Two in One

by Razzetti, Eugene “Gene” A.

The terms risk analysis, risk assessment and risk management—often used interchangeably—can mean a variety of different concepts and metrics. There is no one single approach to risk management....

On the Plus Side

by Edmund, Mark

Without a doubt, quality at Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies (FM&T) is built in, not bolted on. Given the sensitive and serious nature of FM&T’s business, there can be no other way....

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