August 2007

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Small Business Leadership: Creating and Preserving a Business Culture

by Filho, Savio Capelossi

Every business has its own culture that starts slowly and evolves over time as the business becomes more successful and grows. For a small business, it is initially the founder who determines the culture of the firm and the way employees work and...

Deployment: Start Off on the Right Foot

by Gates, Robin

Deploying lean Six Sigma can produce fantastic results that are worth all the hard work of deployment. Managing change, securing leadership commitment, managing talent, and getting the right accountability will make the difference between a...

Benchmarking in Hospitals: More Than a Scorecard

by Sower, Victor

The term “benchmarking” as mentioned in hospital quality literature is not true benchmarking, but simply a comparison of outcome measures with industry averages. Benchmarking is an improvement process that measures an organization’s performance...

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Retrospective Analysis of a Designed Experiment

by Yadav, Bhupinder

Design of experiment (DOE) techniques have been successfully used by India’s Department of Defense Production to optimize the process parameters for a plastic injection-molded part used in the manufacture of tank deterrents. The goal was to get...

Don't Throw Out the Baby With the Bath Water

by Dreier, Frederick

Public school accountability prompted by the No Child Left Behind Act requires schools to assess the quality of educational delivery and make changes to assure student academic success, as well as establish a process for continual improvement....

Online Figures: Don't Throw Out the Baby With the Bathwater

by Dreier, Frederick

Berthoud High School areas of quality: Suggested areas to strengthen: � Academic planning ( T, S) � Number of staff at extra duty activities ( T, S) � School to life/ college ( T, S) � Input from parents ( T, SIT) � Establishing bridges with postsecondar...

Using FMEA to Assess Outsourcing Risk

by Welborn, Cliff

Although outsourcing is a growing trend among U.S. businesses, there are risks involved and not everyone benefits from such arrangements. The advantages of outsourcing must be weighed against risks and go beyond cost savings. Without a systematic...

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Living Inside China's Quality Revolution

by Pompeo, Jack

Quality processes in China today continue to be influenced by remnants of ancient policies and practices. When Huawei Technologies, one of China’s largest telecommunications manufacturers, recently declared its intention to become the Toyota of the...

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