August 2003

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Annual Quality Awards Listing

by Funk, Valerie

The annual Quality Awards Listing is Quality Progress' guide to automotive, government, international, national and state quality related awards....

A Model For Customer Service

by Daniels, Susan E.

Prior to 1989, one of every four callers to ASQ was either a follow-up or complaint call due to problems with ASQ's phone system. ASQ now receives high marks for its customer service, which uses its automated phone system only during non-business hours....

What I Learned On My Business Trip

by Parr, William C.

Thanks in part to technological advancements and expectations that have been raised in part by companies, customers of all types of services are becoming more demanding. Customers also expect to be cared about as individuals and can harbor deep...

Gain a Competitive Edge By Preventing Recalls

by White, Tavor; Pomponi, Renata

Product recalls are a serious problem for consumer products companies. Each year, thousands of products representing hundreds of millions of product units are recalled in the United States for safety reasons....

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FMEA - the Cure for Medical Errors

by Reiling, John G.; Knutzen, Barbara L.; Stoecklein, Mike

St. Joseph’s Community Hospital in West Bend, WI, will close in the next few years to make room for a new hospital. This replacement facility will represent a breakthrough in hospital design. Inspired by the Institute of Medicine report To Err Is Human...

Quality's Six Life Cycle Stages

by Leonard, Denis; McAdam, Rodney

A tool referred to as “quality life cycle” provides a strategic mechanism to chart and sustain quality while proactively countering shortcomings of its implementation, such as stagnation and limited application, which can ultimately result in failure....

Best Practices in Process Management

by Dolan, Tom

Process improvement tools have been used to evaluate business processes ranging from employee satisfaction to customer help desk support....

Widespread Effects of Defects

by Howles, Trudy

While other industries are embracing quality initiatives and striving for continuous improvement, the software industry is lagging far behind. Examples of unimaginable schedule slips, cost overruns and defective software products abound....

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