August 2000

ASQ Honors Six Who Make a Difference

by Hagen, Mark R.

Six individuals were recognized by the Awards Board of the American Society for Quality for their exceptional achievement in creating, promoting, and communicating quality information and technology. James M. Lucas, principal of J.M. Lucas and...

Quality Awards Listing

by Hagen, Mark R.

The list includes national, international, state and regional quality awards and award programs and industry-specific quality awards programs. The listed awards are related to the practice of quality, do not limit eligibility to members of the...

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Column: One Good Idea: ASQ's awards process lets you put your mark on quality.

by McClaskey, David J.

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The awards process provides an opportunity to shape the future of quality by bestowing recognition on those whose work deserves wider acclaim. It can also be a professional development opportunity, because the nomination...

ASQ News

Lynda Winterberg, chair-elect of ASQ's Health Care Division and vice president for the clinical effectiveness division at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, CA, is right in the middle of what are exciting times for quality in that sector. Horst Schulze,...

Quality Web Watch

Because this month's issue of QP takes a look at quality related award programs, we thought we would see what Internet resources were available where such programs were concerned. The Office of the Secretary of Defense describes several government related...

Quality by Knowledge

by Dvir, Ron

The other "60%" was devoted to knowledge management projects, such as mapping internal experts, sharing knowledge within virtual teams and supporting reuse of knowledge. Our first hint came in January 1999 when we read an excellent article on quality and ...

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A Comparative Analysis of National and Regional Quality Awards

by Vokurka, Robert J.; Stading, Gary L.; Brazeal, Jason

Organizations are using quality award programs in their pursuit of total quality management. Industries realize that quality awards offer models and tools for implementing quality strategy, benchmarking best practices, performing self-assessment, and...

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President's Quality Program Honors Government Organizations

by Mehta, Pradip V.

The President's Quality Award Program recognizes federal organizations for their accomplishments in continuous improvement via quality management principles and practices. The award was created in 1989 and is administered by the Office of Personnel...

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Integrating ISO 9001:2000 and the Baldrige Criteria

by Tonk, Hampton Scott

No single quality system, criterion, or philosophy will provide the solution to an organization's quality problems. A sound quality program can be implemented by an organization using ISO 9001:2000, the Baldrige Award and its criteria, and total...

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Quality Awards Make Winners Of Us All

by Hagen, Mark R.

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Improvement Act can be viewed as a way to understand the purpose of most quality awards programs. According to the act, the Baldrige Award seeks to encourage companies to improve their quality and productivity...

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