August 1999

More, Better, Faster from Total Quality Effort

by McCamey, David A.; Boggs, Robert W.; Bayuk, Linda M.

The plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle facilitated breakthrough improvement at Procter & Gamble's (P&G) health care over-the-counter (OTC) clinical division. The Plan step had four components. First, apply the principles of total quality. These included:...

The Critical Role of Quality in the Tourism System

by La Lopa, Joseph M.; Marecki, Richard F.

A systems approach to understanding the tourism industry reveals four components: output, feedback, input, and throughput. Inputs to the tourism system are those found in the typical Ishikawa diagram: methods, money, materials, and manpower....

Total Quality Management in Higher Education

by Montano, Carl B.; Utter, Glenn H.

A continuous quality improvement (CQI) team in the Admissions Office at Lamar University is using the plan-do-study-act (PDSA) cycle for improving its services. Total quality management (TQM) initiatives had been needed at Lamar, because of declining...

Quality in Banking Starts with Four Assessments

by Gryna, Derek S.; Gryna, Frank M.

Assessments help banks learn how to improve customer and employee satisfaction, internal quality, company culture, and operating cost systems. One large assessment area covers the four components of the cost of poor quality. Internal failure costs...

Improving Customer Satisfaction through Mass Customization

by Duray, Rebecca; Milligan, Glenn W.

The voice of the customer is needed for development of customized products. Mass customization combines the mass production of traditional manufacturing with large-scale output of one-of-a-kind products. Customer involvement in mass customization can...

ASQ News

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) has been selected as the tool to measure customer satisfaction for 30 key federal government agencies that serve 90% of the government's customers. Sweden designed a pilot program similar to that of Koalaty ...

Transforming Government for Its Customers

by Miller, John R.

Innovative public management, not just technology, is key at state and local level

Innovation is much more difficult in government than in the private sector, as the Ford Foundations Awards Program for Innovations in State and Local Government has found. Technology alone will not transform government; rather, it is an integral component...

Brazil and ISO 9000

by Lima de Oliveira, Marcos Antonio

Why a developing country is a world leader in certification

Most of the companies in Brazil were certified by ABS Quality Evaluations, BVQI, Lloyd's Register, DNV and SGS International Certification Services, all internationally known certification bodies. Lack of ISO 9000 certification seemed to be a barrier, but...

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