August 1996

Law Firm Pioneers Explore New Territory

by Blodgett, Nancy

Attorneys who participate in total quality management (TQM) initiatives can improve customer satisfaction as well as their own work environment. Three law firms have done especially well in managing the cultural changes of TQM, in an industry that can...

A Case for Koalaty Kid

by Green, Donna

Quality tools and self-directed learning have fostered improvements at the Madison Street School of Basics Plus in Ocala, FL. Under the Koalaty Kid program, staff of this kindergarten through fifth grade school have received training and other support...

Creativity and Improvement: A Vital Link

by Provost, Lloyd P.; Sproul, R. M.

Tools for creative thinking enhance quality improvement activities, which typically employ only critical thinking tools. Improvement requires change, and creativity reveals a variety of options, some not obvious, for implementing change. Creativity in...

Open Access

What Should Higher Education Be Teaching About Quality?

by Evans, James R.

Customer-supplier relationships, continuous process improvement, interpersonal skills, and teamwork are keys for those who plan to work in quality organizations. These are among the survey findings from seven 1988-1994 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality...

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