July 2016

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Pulling It All Together

by Spichiger, Jim;

Competition is a fact of life. To gain an edge in the business world, a workforce must be proficient in the principles and practices of quality. The best and arguably, easiest way to demonstrate this proficiency is through professional certification....

Dead or Alive

by Sower, Victor E.; Green, Kenneth W.; Zelbst, Pamela J.;

Some suggest the concept is obsolete, but recent research found TQM is alive and well, and its inclusiveness helps employees take part in meeting or exceeding customer needs....

Clear Pathway

by Britto, Randall; DeLalla, John;

“Six thousand dollar,” he said. “That’s the how much more I will get per year if I earn this certification by the end of this week.” One of this article’s authors, teaching a CCNA certification exam prep class, stared back in amazement....

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A Quick Study

by Kistner, Kristy;

By using project management techniques, those taking certification exams can create more effective and comprehensive study plans....

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ASQ's Continuing Education and Professional Development Directory

by QP Staff

So if you.re feeling stuck, stagnant or dispirited, look into amping up your smarts with some of the best training, education and certification opportunities available today. com Choose from our free online learning center to our widely acclaimed books,...

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