July 2015

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What’s Your Theory?

by Bennett, Brandon; Provost, Lloyd

A driver diagram is an applicable tool for many contexts, from improving process reliability to redesigning a service to creating new products to generating enhanced user experience....

Turning on the Light Bulb

by Dew, John Robert

Quality professionals are often challenged to help managers and employees embrace an understanding of quality that is more about management principles, systems theory and the broad concept of performance excellence....

Passion Project

by Foo, Luke T.

During my visit, I met with members of the organization’s management team: Angela Zammit, marketing specialist; Fan-Chia Tao, director of R&D; Brian Johnson, senior product specialist; Liz Crew, product specialist; and Dan Damon, process engineer. All of ...

Open Access

Open to Change

by Reid, R. Dan

ISO 9001, the international consensus standard for quality management systems (QMS), has long been the core supplier of QMS requirements for several large sectors, including automotive, aerospace and medical devices....

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