July 2005

Open Access

The Dark Side of Process Measurement

by Stankard, Martin F.

The analysis of measurement data allows process operators to detect and control unwanted variation and enables process breakthroughs. However, without careful introduction, process measurement can cause widespread damage in an organization. Human nature...

Soccer Team Scores Its Goals With ISO 9001

by Tolumes, Alejandro

Like other members of the Grupo Salinas (GS) family of companies, the Mexican soccer team Monarcas Morelia must create value. GS relies on a quality management system and ISO 9001 registration to compel managers to seek continuous improvement and...

Genentech Error Proofs Its Batch Records

by Bottome, Robert; Chua, Richard C.H.

Like other firms subject to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation, Genentech must provide complete and accurate documentation of processes. In September 2003 an error-proofing project was launched by the good manufacturing practices core team at...

Two Controls, One Result

by Hofmann, Andy

In the three years since the enactment of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), implementing organizations have begun to realize that operating with separate SOX controls is expensive, and they are now looking for a way to integrate SOX controls into their...

What Do Online Customers Value?

by Tamimi, Nabil; Sebastianelli, Rose; Rajan, Murli

Burgeoning e-commerce sales point to the pivotal role of the Internet as an effective marketing tool. An online survey was used to determine which website design features have the strongest consumer appeal. One section of the survey gathered background...

Our Place-Kicker Is Out of Control

by Hurley, Brion

In most business, reducing variation is essential. The same is true for football and other sports. In a parable about place kicking, the author explains how statistical process control and basic quality improvement tools can be used to better understand...

Take Action on Customer Satisfaction

by Fontenot, Gwen; Henke, Lucy; Carson, Kerry

Quality managers use customer satisfaction research to determine their company's level of performance and to guide decisions about where to make improvements. The four commonly used models discussed not only provide a measure of customer satisfaction,...

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