July 2003

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SPC: From Chaos to Wiping the Floor

by Hare, Lynne B.

Physicist Walter Shewhart, in tackling the problem of process control, began with the definition of control and went on to distinguish chance causes from assignable causes of variation. He believed that assignable causes could be found and eliminated....

Improve Molded Part Quality

by Azeredo, Mauricio Bagueira de Vasconcellos; Silva, Sergio Sodre da; Rekab, Kamel

The injection molding process, while simple in concept, is complex in execution. Typical injection molding machines have many adjustable parameters that affect the quality of finished plastic parts....

Column: Frontiers of Quality: DFSS and Your Current Design Process

by Mader, Douglas P.

Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is not intended to replace an organization's current design process. Instead, DFSS methodology should be used as a framework at the macro level for deliverables and performance criteria for the design process already in...

Lean and Six Sigma – Synergy Made in Heaven

by Bossert, James

The combination of Six Sigma and lean enterprise work can enhance the production experience. Workers have the empowerment and skill to recognize a problem and, if it cannot be resolved, shut down the line to eliminate the root cause. Six Sigma and lean...

Capability Analysis of Complex Parts

by Vermani, S.K.

Several years ago, Military Aircraft and Missile Systems Group (A&M), a division of the Boeing Company in St. Louis, made a strategic decision to focus on its main business—aircraft and missile assembly....

Systems Thinking – An Uncommon Answer

by Prevette, Steven S.

Some of the common problems to be found in many business failures include too much focus on short-term gains, too much focus on quarterly profit statements, and a prevalence of long-term losses. One possible solution to these problems is systems...

QOS – A Simple Method for Big or Small

by Keller, Carl W.

Although there are many quality initiatives in the marketplace, many of them involve a degree of hype. Ford Motor Company’s quality operating system (QOS) is recommended as one offering the most value for the money. A QOS assessment looks at...

Quality Web Watch

QUALITY DEGREES www.q.ikp.liu.se/education Linköpings University in Sweden offers undergraduate and graduate courses in quality technology and management. The site provides course information, a newsletter, several sample master's and Ph.D. theses, and li...

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Print Perfect

by Johnson, Kristen

Branch-Smith Inc., a fourth-generation printing company, had its origins in the unlikely success of a boy born without arms in 1868. The company as it exists today takes inspiration from founder Aaron Smith, who taught himself to type with his toes,...

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An Integrated Approach System

by Kubiak, Tom

What’s the best quality system? How would you answer this question? How would your colleagues?...

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Baldrige: It's Easy, Free and It Works

by Crownover, Dale

While many people consider the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria to be difficult, a harder task is learning how to manage opportunities for improvements instead of managing known strengths. While Baldrige may not have the answers, it...

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Complexity Theory Simplifies Choices

by Okes, Duke

Many business management and improvement methodologies provide finite structures for achieving success. Examples include the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award; the ISO 9001 standard; W. Edward Deming, who provided 14 points; and Six Sigma....

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Quality Management Multiple Choice: What’s the best quality system?

by Shipley, David; Keller, Carl W.; Bossert, James; Prevette, Steven S.; Okes, Duke; Crownover, Dale; Kubiak, Tom

Monitoring and recording the extent of transition experienced within a designated area assure Procedure ( general) Priority Reviewed Completed Record control Document control Internal audits Management review Corrective action Preventive action Monitorin...

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