July 2001

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The International Quality Manager

by Kenett, Ron S.; Albert, David

Competitive organizations seeking to implement Six Sigma or any other quality system need to translate quality concepts into the context of the organizational culture. The effort is substantial, particularly if the organization is multinational....

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What Is Quality?

by Hoyer, R. W.; Hoyer, Brooke B. Y.

The demand for quality has been part of human nature for a long time, but the quantification of quality and establishment of formal quality standards are a 20th century phenomenon. The global marketplace has created consumers who think they know quality...

How Do You Know the Change Worked?

by Kelley, D. Lynn; Morath, Paul

While Walter Shewhart's Plan Do Study Act (PDSA) cycle has been much used to assist organizations in continuous improvement in areas involving materials, methods, and machines, there has been little effort to use the cycle in areas involving human...

How To Evaluate the Internal Customer-Supplier Relationship

by Bialowas, Peter; Tabaszewska, Edith

Organizations in Poland and other Eastern European countries are increasingly adopting the principles of total quality management (TQM) as they make the transition from command to market economics. These organizations recognize that TQM's emphasis on...

Teaching the Role of SPC in Industrial Statistics

by Liberatore, Ralph L.

In discussions concerning statistical process control (SPC) and industrial statistics, the two are often treated as separate disciplines, related only through the commonality of statistical principles. It is important to understand that in practice, a...

Quality Approach Supports Engineering Education Reform

by Brawner, Catherine E.; Anderson, Timothy J.; Zorowski, Carl F.; Serow, Robert C.

Working under a 10-year directive to create and sustain systemic reform of engineering education, the Southeastern Universities and Colleges Coalition for Engineering Education (SUCCEED) has developed a comprehensive model for assessing and improving...

ISO 9002 Works In an Unusual Setting

by Bravener, Lee C.

Bahrain Airport management and the government, seeking international recognition as a mature and experienced service provider able to compete with any other airport regionally or worldwide, decided to pursue ISO 9002:1994 registration. To prepare for...

Frontiers of Quality: Can It Be This Easy?

by Pylipow, Peter E.

You can alter drawing practices to achieve Six Sigma, but only if you understand all the implications

In a fictitious scenario, the author weighs the virtues of altering drawing specifications against making breakthrough improvements when attempting to achieve a capability index of 2.0...

A Quick, Accurate Way to Determine Customer Needs

by Afors, Cristina; Michaels, Marilyn Zuckerman

Never before has so much attention been focused on the importance of understanding the customer, but business people encounter a discontinuity between market research and actual market performance. Customers tend to say one thing during research and...

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ASQ News

A member of ASQ's audit, inspection, statistics and quality management divisions, Rodriguez was also involved in the standards setting process, known as the cut-score study, for ASQ's Certified Quality Auditor-HACCP Certification exam. She also wrote a ch...

Lessons Learned

by Treichler, David H.; Carmichael, Ronald D.

Despite the difficulty of transferring technology and methodology from one culture to another, a team from Raytheon has successfully conducted Six Sigma based tactical transformation workshops for Raytheon Business units, their customers, and suppliers...

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