June 2016

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Designing a Fix

by Chidambaram, Maharajan

A team of consultants streamlined a solar-material organization’s disjointed sales and operations planning process....

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How We Work

by Gaskill, Tyler

The Joint Commission’s robust process improvement program trains employees in lean Six Sigma and change management, making continuous improvement an intrinsic job function for everyone....

Always Applicable

by Moen, Ronald D.; Norman, Clifford L.

W. Edwards Deming was truly one of the quality giants of the 20th century. A pivotal event in quality history occurred during one of his four-day seminar in Houston in 1990 when he introduced his system of profound knowledge....

Leveling Up

by Duffy, Grace L.

The capability maturity model describes five performance excellence echelons. Each level includes cultural expectations and supporting quality tools organizations should be using....

System Sustainability

by Brandt, Carol

Implementing change to be fully compliant with expectations or requirements is relatively easy. Sustaining the change may be more challenging and present cultural hurdles that should be addressed early on....

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ASQ's 2016 Software Showcase & Directory

by QP Staff

com Intelex Technologies, a provider of cloudbased software to quality management professionals, helps customers around the world succeed in mainstreaming quality and continuous improvement throughout their organizations with the implementation of best- ...

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