June 2008

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The True Test of Loyalty

by Hayes, Bob

The customer loyalty field has experienced much technological innovation, such as automated reporting portals and integration of attitudinal and behavioral data in customer relationship management applications, over the past decade....

Two Are Better Than One

by Nanda, Vivek "Vic"

Management need and my personal curiosity recently led me to take a closer look at the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX). My work pointed out similarities and differences between SOX and ISO 9001....

Who's Keeping Score?

by Neenan, Rebecca

There’s one tool you won’t find for sale at Sears. One of the retail giant’s divisions has started using a quality management tool extensively to maintain and improve its own quality management system....

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by Krzykowski, Brett

In the first year nonprofit organizations could apply for the honor, Coral Springs became the first local government to take home a Baldrige award by proving it didn't emphasize the present at the expense of the future....

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Customer Servicemen

by Krzykowski, Brett

Customer Feedback is a key component of improvement. The challenge has always been finding the most effective way of procuring it....

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Incredible Journey

by Adrian, Nicole

In response to personnel’s safety concerns and rising workers’ compensation costs, a team at Boeing’s C-17 site developed a solution to thwart injury and save money....

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