June 2004

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Effective White-Collar Teams: The New Quality Imperative

by Guttman, Howard M.

In nonmanufacturing environments, quality has not had the impact that it has had in production environments because the input, process, output equation is less visible and more difficult to measure. In today’s competitive environment,...

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Quality in the Fast Lane

by Chandler, Mark; Bednar, Denise; Collins, Linda

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has developed a streamlined approach to assessing its field offices using Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria as a guide. In the past, field office assessments used either self-assessment or outside...

As Easy As 10001, 2, 3

by Dee, Bill; Karapetrovic, Stanislav; Webb, Kernaghan

A key element in maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction is having in place systems and processes for effective complaint management. Now the International Organization for Standardization is developing three new customer satisfaction standards...

Three C’s + Q = Success

by Faylor, Connie R.

When Bill Thomas left the corporate world to start his own company manufacturing khaki pants patterned after the original World War II U.S. Army issue pants, he found it difficult to find suppliers for the materials required to make the product...

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At Your Service

by Daniels, Susan

"Boeing Aerospace Support (AS) and Caterpillar Financial Services Corp. (CFSC), 2003 winners of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards in the service industry, have proven once again that quality pays rather than costs. As Baldrige award applicants,...

Good Supplier Management Aids New Products Launch

by Balasubramanian, Raj; Baumgardner, Steve

Unisys Corporation, once a vertically integrated company that designed and manufactured most of what was needed to support its products, has changed its focus to providing cost effective solutions to its customers. Since this change requires reliance on...

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