June 2002

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Connecting the Planners and Doers

by Sussland, Willy A.

Many companies are seeking a way to link business strategy to its implementation. The Two Rings model shows how senior and operations management, each represented by a ring, can contribute their respective knowledge and develop business strategies...

The Role of Repair Stations

by Tarach, Ron

In order to ensure quality, safety, and security, aviation repair stations rely on a manual detailing regulations and guidelines encompassing quality, operations, materials management, and human resources. Aviation Product Support (APS) has internal...

New Industry Specific Quality Certification

by Maness, Thomas C.; Kozak, Robert A.

The Canadian secondary wood products manufacturing industry is made up largely of small enterprises with little access to capital, a history of low-paying jobs, and a poorly educated workforce. Global competition in the sector is fierce, and quality...

Reliability Analysis by Failure Mode

by Doganaksoy, Necip; Hahn, Gerald J.; Meeker, William Q.

Reliability improvement should be a major consideration when conducting product life data analysis. One method of determining the failure mode responsible for failure is to perform separate analyses for each mode and combine the results, as opposed to...

Delivering Quality, Safety and Security in Aviation

by Brong, Jerry

Aviation is one of the most regulated industries in the world. Procedures are standardized for use of airspace, aircraft manufacture, and pilot certification. Regulations are multinational, and yet aviation is an industry in which free enterprise and...

Column: Emerging Sectors: Quality in Air Terminal Ground Handling

by Nawaz, Khurram

Dubai company is first airport operator to gain ISO 9001:2000 certification

When Dnata's airport operations became the world's first ground handling agency to achieve ISO 9001:2000 certification, the total commitment of the management, quality planning department and tireless efforts of staff made the...

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ASQ News

The Deming Medal is presented to the individual who demonstrated outstanding leadership in combining statistical thinking and management leading to quality in products and services. The Edwards Medal goes to the individual who has demonstrated the most ou...

Quality Web Watch

MANAGEMENT/ LEADERSHIP www-1.ibm.com/ibm/palisades.abi IBM's Advanced Business Institute offers executives courses and conferences on modern management. In addition, the site provides complete copies of recent publications concerning management and techno...

Column: World View: Samsung Uses Quality To Grow

by Daniels, Susan E.

Korean giant draws on just about everything in the toolbox to reach its goals

The Samsung Quality Award was established in 1993 to recognize business divisions by using criteria developed from the Baldrige Award, ISO 9000 quality management standards and the company's own business operation standards. Nearly 70% of Samsung's qualit...

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