June 1995

What Is the Probability That Your Employees Will Succeed?

by Turner, Ronald E.

Myths about employee performance emerge from variation in random processes. Variation can cause a few apparent top performers to have maximum success, while many employees seem average. Managers will praise and encourage the top performers. Then,...

Aerospace and Defense Contractors Learn How to Make Their Businesses Soar

by O'Guin, Michael

A strategic benchmarking study of 24 divisions in 17 companies identified characteristics of the most profitable companies. This analysis of the aerospace and defense industry by Price Waterhouse and a team of contractors collected more than 20,000...

Pennsylvania Builds Tomorrow's Work Force

by Faylor, Connie R.

School-business partnerships have brought quality improvement to the Lehigh Valley. The eighteen partnerships use an enhanced version of the Koalaty Kid program. Cross-functional project teams and project-by-project improvement have built on the...

How to Become a Quality Person

by Cary, Mark S.

You are your own primary customer. Your personal improvement is the most important factor in kaizen or continuous improvement. A five-step plan for personal improvement is based on the plan-do-check-act cycle. First, identify what is important. Do...

Learning from Mistakes

by Shaw, Diana V.; Day, Denni O.; Slavinskas, Elizabeth

Lack of participation curtailed a problem-solving project, but lessons were learned. A multidisciplinary TQM (total quality management) team at Strong Memorial Hospital progressed through the identification and analyzing steps before disbanding. They...

Quality Principles Are Key to Building Centennial Medical Center

by Scharfe, Tom; White, Mark J.

Design and implementation of a construction project relied on teamwork, planning, and listening to users. Quality tools and concepts were the foundation of the new $134 million Centennial Medical Center. An expectations matrix helped firms working on...

Avoid a Flop: Use QFD with Questionnaires

by Glushkovksy, Eli A.; Florescu, Radu A.; Hershkovits, Anat; Sipper, Daniel

Matching a data collection tool to the problem under investigation is key to making good decisions. Quality function deployment (QFD) methods can do this for questionnaires. Phase 1 of the QFD method is to define the problem in measurable terms and...

Making Performance Appraisals Consistent with a Quality Environment

by Weber, Allan J.

Employee evaluations can reinforce quality principles. Old performance appraisal methods did generate fear and ignore teamwork, but today's methods can be fair and valuable. The appraisal process for city government managers in Milwaukee has evolved...

Open Access

Mixing Mediums Is the Message

by Rubach, Laura; Stratton, Brad

Effective communication within an organization relies on face-to-face interactions and a variety of techniques that match organizational needs. The overriding need is to provide useful information to employees. So it is in Malcolm Baldrige National...

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