May 2010

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What Do You Say?

by Krzykowski, Brett

With the help of an arsenal of lean tools, Boeing homed in on the root cause of its troubles, created equipment to address the issue and saw drastic improvements that earned it a bronze award at the 2009 International Team Excellence Awards....

Waste Management

by Prevette, Steven

With the assistance of statistical process control and other quality methods, Fluor Hanford helped ensure all tasks were carried out safely during what has been called the world’s largest environmental cleanup project....

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Be Prepared

by Klaber, David G.; Hawk, Jared S.

Because of good product design or good fortune, the expense associated with a product recall may not have appeared in past budgets, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t prudent to include it in future planning....

Discussion Warranted

by Kleyner, Andre

Warranties are important attributes of most business transactions. Their comprehensive impact on a company’s bottom line, however, is not always clearly understood—even by the people who deal with product quality and reliability on an everyday basis....

High Marks

by Esqueda, Paul; D'Allegro, Mary Lou

The public is demanding more accountability of many private organizations, corporations and institutions of higher education. In response, the Department of Education instituted changes to the process of accreditation of higher education institutions....

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