May 2005

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A Bare Bones Look at the Bottom Line

by Townsend, Pat; Gebhardt, Joan

A basic premise of the quality revolution is that quality increases profits. While customers generate profit in the traditional way, quality focuses on money not spent as the result of improved practices. Quality alone, however, does not guarantee...

Developing Best in Class Processes at NASA

by Olson, Tim

In addition to its well-known space activities, NASA performs many other engineering activities. Developing processes to ensure the quality and safety of systems is of paramount importance in achieving mission success. For this reason, NASA has created...

Ghosts in Your Process? Who Ya Gonna Call?

by Duncan, John

Even when using the DMAIC process, root causes of poorly performing processes can be extremely difficult to find and eliminate. In his book Manufacturing Solutions for Consistent Quality and Reliability, Robert Traver proposes a nine-step process for...

People Equity: The Hidden Driver of Quality

by Kostman, J.T.; Schiemann, William A.

ASQ members, customers, and Quality Progress readers representing more than 30 industries participated in a survey to determine the impact and effectiveness of quality principles, practices, and techniques. Survey results clearly show the success of...

Open Access

How To Prepare an Excellence Award Application

by Bodinson, Glenn W.

The Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence represents the best business model in the world. Even if your company doesn't expect to win the award, submitting an application has many benefits. Whether your goal is to receive feedback, receive a site...

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