May 2004

Learn To Talk Money

by Hoisington, Steven H.; Menzer, Elizabeth C.

Upper management speaks a different language from that of quality professionals. Management is driven by financial performance. Understanding and accepting management’s financial vocabulary will increase the likelihood that the quality...

What Do CEOs Think About Quality

by Weiler, Greg

Quality professionals can count on the support of the American Society for Quality when justifying the cost of quality to upper management. ASQ has conducted a survey of top executives in manufacturing, service, healthcare, and education to determine...

ISO 9001 Takes On a New Role – Crime Fighter

by Amari, David; James, Don; Marley, Cathy

In July of 2003 the Phoenix Police Department’s Records and Identification Bureau (RIB) became the first law enforcement organization in the U.S. to achieve ISO 9001 registration as a means of reinforcing its reputation as a reliable information...

Open Access

100 Years of Juran

by Phillips-Donaldson, Debbie, Editor

An interview with Joseph M. Juran reveals an inspirational story of his struggle to overcome the challenges of emigration, childhood poverty, and the Great Depression to become one of quality’s leading gurus....

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