May 2001

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Making Managers More Effective Agents of Change

by Miller, Brad D.

Successful implementation of valuable solutions relies not only on management's expertise, but also on the cooperation of other stakeholders who interact within the organizational system. Effective application of the Baldrige criteria as a framework to...

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The Tip of the Iceberg

by DeFeo, Joseph A.

When asked to identify where operating costs can be cut, many executives would remove functions that provide quality and services to meet customer needs. This misunderstanding stems from the misconception that improving quality through initiatives such...

Column: Frontiers of Quality: Bottom-Line Success With Six Sigma

by Breyfogle III, Forrest W.; Meadows, Becki

Define key process output variables and their effects on the cost of poor quality

Companies with profitable Six Sigma strategies are successful because they maintain effective infrastructures for selecting, supporting and executing projects. This article focuses on defining the project key process output variables (KPOVs): given to...

Intentional Change By Design

by Shinn, Gregory S.

Quality initiatives and other organizational changes often disrupt normal internal functions. Many stakeholders, especially executive managers, aren't fully aware of the consequences of a "quality system of the month" approach, and they frequently...

How To Make Surveys Simpler and More Focused

by Vinson, Larry R.

ISO 9000:20000 quality management standards stress the need for better customer communication. While the customer satisfaction survey is a useful tool to facilitate improvement in customer communication, its complexities often limit use in actual...

How To Manage Quality in Today's Economy

by Feigenbaum, A.V.

Major quality disconnects, such as increasing customer expectations, global competition, and mergers and acquisitions, challenge the ability of companies to sustain sales growth and profitability during times of economic turndown. Unfortunately, some...

Capturing Financial Benefits From Six Sigma

by Neuscheler-Fritsch, Debbie; Norris, Robert

Six Sigma is a disciplined approach that helps organizations consistently meet customer requirements and drive continuous improvement through process-focused management. First and foremost, Six Sigma is about delivering value to the shareholder. What...

ASQ News

"There are many parallels between ASQ and AQP," pointed out Gregory H. Watson, ASQ's 2000-2001 president. ASQ and AQP have worked together in the past, including co-sponsoring the Quest for Excellence conference, the official conference of the Malcolm Bal...

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Column: Emerging Sectors: The Evolution of a Quality Culture

by Travalini, Maureen M.

Pilot program leads to a major award for Kelly Services' Houston Region

Based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria for performance excellence, the Kelly Quality Management System (KQMS) serves as Kelly's blueprint for strategically building and enhancing its quality practices. KQMS is comprised of seven...

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