April 2007

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NFL Teams Huddle Up Around Quality

by Edmund, Mark

Football has evolved to become big business, and with the big money comes the pressure for teams to win. Almost every NFL team today employs coaches and personnel dedicated to controlling the quality of actions on the field. NFL head coach Tom Landry is...

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Quality Focus Good for Business

by Nelsen, Dave

Premier Inc., a San Diego-based healthcare alliance, is a 2006 recipient of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) in the service category. The firm credits employee involvement, experience gained while earning a state quality award, and...

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It's in the Genes at Cummins

by Daniels, Susan

When asked why diesel maker Cummins used Six Sigma to explain new health insurance benefits to its employees, the response was that Six Sigma is part of Cummins' DNA. Six Sigma methods helped ensure a smooth enrollment process, particularly for union...

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Quality Goes to College

by Dew, John

Higher education is seeing increased interest in quality management methods in response to the federal government's recommendation that they embrace the culture of continuous innovation and quality improvement. An overview is given of the types of...

Building a Better Fantasy Baseball Team

by Allen, I. Elaine; Kustov, Kirill; Recck, George

´╗┐Fantasy baseball is a popular game giving sports fans the opportunity to display their baseball expertise in competition with other fans. The game fosters careful planning and research in hopes of outsmarting the rival team. By looking at fantasy...

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