April 2006

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8 Dimensions of Excellence

by Lawton, Robin

Despite a stated desire to be customer focused, most companies tend to measure process performance more intensely than the outcomes customers experience. The 8 Dimensions of Excellence expand and balance the definition of success, beginning with the...

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Making Social Responsibility the Standard

by Bowers, Dorothy

In 2003 the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) responded to pressure from large multinational enterprises by forming an advisory group to consider the need for a corporate social responsibility (CSR) standard. The result is ISO 26000:...

So, You'd Like To Be an ASQ Fellow

by Bossert, James

Some of the benefits of becoming an ASQ Fellow include peer recognition, networking opportunities, and new levels of ASQ involvement. A candidate must be an ASQ Senior Member for at least five years before submission of the nomination and be able to...

Advancing From Compliance To Performance

by Bottoroff, Dean L.

Poor ethics has recently been recognized as a controllable factor that can either make or break and organization. If organizations would practice ethics as a logic-based discipline and quality problem, they would reach higher levels of performance that...

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Steady Does It For DynMcDermott

by Turner, Andy

DynMcDermott Petroleum Operations (DM) holds the maintenance and operations contract for the Department of Energy's strategic petroleum reserve. High DOE expectations prompted DM's Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award journey ten years ago when DM...

Detect Financial Problems With Six Sigma

by Senturk, Deniz; LaComb, Christina; Neadu, Radu; Doganaksoy, Murat

An organization's financial decline is often impossible to detect from the few financial measures investors or creditors typically examine. While the Sarbanes-Oxley Act should help improve the quality of data available to the public, it has drawbacks...

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