April 2005

The Human Side of Change Leadership

by Folaron, Jim

Even carefully planned efforts to introduce change can be short lived if the human element is neglected or left to chance. When planning a change it is important to identify potential resistance to the changes and then design motivation into the...

Lean Six Sigma Reduces Medication Errors

by Esimai, Grace

Medication errors are a serious threat in the healthcare industry. One mid-sized hospital interested in quality management in several areas undertook a Six Sigma project to determine what policy and practice changes might be needed to remedy the...

A Foundation of Trust

by Kingsley, Kimberly

Relational based quality teaches organizations to build a foundation of trust based on core values, human dignity and environmental consciousness. Five guiding principles offer a strategy for organizations to enhance their business processes, corporate...

Quality Management's Role in Global Sourcing

by Watkins, David K.

Globalization and the evolution of quality management systems from a focus on controlling product conformity to a much broader focus on overall enterprise capability have resulted in the need to redefine the role of quality management in dealing with...

Design of Experiments for Dummies

by Vandenbrande, Willy

Design of experiments (DOE) is not as widely applied in industry as it should be because it appears complex and confusing to newcomers. In reality, most test performed are one-factor two-level experiments that show how a system, product, or process will...

Volunteer Trains Black Belts in Romania

by Lochner, Robert

A retired quality management consultant relates his experiences as a volunteer trainer of Black Belts in Romania, Europe's poorest country. Under the sponsorship of NCH Advisors, a management company that administers investments made in Romania by...

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