April 2000

ASQ Certification Program Gains Wider Recognition

by Moran, John W.; La Londe, Patricia C.

Certification represents peer recognition of the proficiency and comprehension an individual has shown in regard to a particular quality area at a specific time. Certification through the American Society for Quality is offered to individuals who...

Quality Management Hits the Road

by La Lopa, Joseph M.; Marecki, Richard F.

The future for quality practitioners may lie with General Systems Theory. GST was developed by researchers who observed how living organisms interacted within an environment, but it has since been applied to concepts including systems thinking. GST...

Assessing the Quality Status of Research Organizations

by Endres, Al

For quality assessment purposes, it is important to distinguish between research and development functions in an organization. Research is usually the responsibility of a single department or function that contains a number of key processes. According...

Tapping into People

by Palmer, Brien; Ziemianski, Mike

Respironics, Inc., a manufacturer of medical equipment, wanted to assess the general well-being of its employees by surveying them. The development of the survey and the survey process led to the coverage of topics and the identification of uses for...

Using Calibration in an Office Environment

by Kydoniefs, Leda; Lindblom, Carl

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics applies industry's concept of calibration to the production of cognitive activities rather than tangible products in an office environment. Data collected by the BLS must satisfy various criteria for...

SSM Health Care is first to earn Baldrige site visit

by Ryan, Sister Mary Jean

Momentum to Improve Patient Care Grows

Last year, during one of the most challenging years ever faced by health care organizations, SSM Health Care (SSMHC) employees devoted considerable time and effort to applying for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA), as well as the Missour...

Framework for Business Leadership

by Harry, Mikel J.

Breakthrough Strategy makes factorial dimensions of quality visible so managers can close capability, capacity gaps

A corporate leadership team uses the Breakthrough Strategy to make visible the 12 factorial dimensions of quality (see Figure 1). Whereas the dimensions of quality form the "what" of quality, the Breakthrough Strategy forms the "how." The executive team c...

Quality Web Watch

In addition, there is information on service quality and service productivity management practices, along with articles, resources and links to other sites. INFORMATION http://equality.8m.com This general information site has loads of resources and links-...

ASQ News

ASQ's Board of Directors recently approved a partnership in a National Alliance of Business (NAB) Baldrige in Education Initiative, a 2-year $6.5 million program to provide the national infrastructure to scale up the implementation of Baldrige Award based...

A Success Story From Australia

by Akpolat, Hasan

Small printer's ISO 9000 effort wins converts to its self-adhesive label technology

In 1996, only six months after of implementation of the quality system, the company achieved ISO 9000 certification. Some organizations misunderstand the purpose and scope of the ISO 9000 standards and develop a documentation system that's based on the 20...

Open Access

Too Many Types of Quality Problems

by Smith, Gerald F.

Categorizing problem types can help practitioners in the quality field to focus their attention on relevant past experiences and problem solving techniques. This approach requires the definition of appropriate problem categories and communicating them...

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