April 1999

Getting Employee Buy-in to Quality Management

by Knouse, Stephen B.; Strutton, H. David

Realistic job previews (RJPs) can prevent the effects of unrealistic job expectations, such as poor job satisfaction, low employee productivity, and high turnover rates. RJPs are especially important in the quality management (QM) culture. Techniques...

Small Service Firms Face TQM Implementation Challenges

by Elmuti, Dean S.; Kathawala, Yunus

A survey questionnaire mailed to 1,000 small and medium-sized service firms in the United States plus 20 follow-up interviews examined the status, usefulness, and limitations of total quality management (TQM). Firms with 500 or fewer employees were...

Two-Location Gauge Evaluation

by Morchower, Neal D.

Comparisons of two testing fixtures at different facilities can be accomplished by separating the tester or location factors from the sequence factors. This produces traditional R&R (repeatability and reproducibility) results while also facilitating...

Customer-Value Analysis Helps Hone Strategy

by Stahl, Michael J.; Barnes, William K.; Gardial, Sarah F.; Parr, William C.; Woodruff, Robert B.

Customer-value models include the customer-value hierarchy and the net present value of customers (NPVC). These illustrate the importance of high customer value to targeting long term, sustainable, and loyal customers, who help increase profitability...

Don't Count TQM Out

by Hendricks, Kevin B.; Singhal, Vinod

A study of about 600 award winning firms examined the relationship between financial performance and the implementation of total quality management (TQM). TQM has been criticized lately as ineffective, a perception based on short-term thinking,...

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Making the Pitch in the Executive Suite

by Daniels, Susan E.; Hagen, Mark R.

Quality practitioners at six Baldrige Award winning companies have advice on helping senior executives buy into quality initiatives. At Texas Nameplate Company, Dale Crownover suggests documentation on monetary losses in areas like absenteeism,...

Product Certification and Portugal's Construction Industry Goal is to improve competitive position in European Union.

by Saraiva, Pedro; Tadeu, António; Orey, João; Rosa, M. João

Product Certification and Portugal's Construction Industry Goal is to improve competitive position in European Union. Certain ISO 9000 product certification levels demand compliance with a number of ISO 9001 clauses and strict product technical features. ...

ASQ News

Early in the revision process ASQ called members, gathered comments posted on My ASQ, and created an on-line forum about the site itself to understand how members felt about the current My ASQ and what improvements needed to be made. My ASQ 2.5 features t...

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Baldrige Award Winners Beat the S&P 500

by Tai, Lawrence S.; Przasnyski, Zbigniew H.

(For the studies themselves, please check the NIST Web Site.)

An analysis of the impact of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award compared winners' stock market performance with that of the...

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