April 1997

What Game Is Your Team Playing?

by Dew, John; Johnson, Jane

Reflective practice is a tool for improving the effectiveness of work groups. Facilitators can use a sports metaphor to apply the tool in team-building sessions. The football metaphor is appropriate for production organizations where functions...

Ten Critical Traits of Group Dynamics

by Uhlfelder, Helene F.

Teams are groups established within an organization to handle differentiated functions and specific tasks such that the whole team is greater than the sum of its parts. The following ten items are issues that, when addressed and resolved, allow teams...

The New Pragmatism: Going Beyond Shewhart and Deming

by Lovitt, Michael R.

The pragmatism of Walter A. Shewhart and W. Edwards Deming is contrasted with that of Richard Rorty. Shewhart and Deming were influenced by the work of C. I. Lewis, who based his conceptual pragmatism on ideas of Charles S. Peirce, William James, and...

Keys to a Successful Internal Audit

by Burr, John T.

An objective, businesslike approach makes internal audits fair and useful. Planning the audit includes making decisions on scope (full or partial), scheme (downstream, upstream, or horizontal), and checklist content. The checklist is a single sheet...

It's Time for Quality

by Feather, John J.

Reengineering of the individual medical underwriting unit at Time Insurance Company involved teamwork and the redesign of key business processes. A reengineering team consisting of two consultants and nine Time employees led the way through this...

How to Manage Key Business Processes

by Yingling, Rico

The vital few cross-functional processes at a Borden Chemical plant have been managed for improvement. Management of these key business processes occurs in a system composed of a management team, department teams, and key process teams. Implementing...

Managing Transitions

by Decker, Diane C.; Belohlav, James A.

The dynamics of change flow through several stages. To manage these stages of transition is to accept the reality that change is never-ending and that its success depends on how it is perceived. Transitions start with a disengaging phase, in which...

Open Access

Using the Baldrige Award Criteria in College Classrooms

by Ensby, Michael; Mahmoodi, Farzad

Customer focus and continual improvement are applicable to higher education. Support for such concepts comes from education-adapted Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria. Distractions to using these criteria in colleges and universities...

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