March 2019

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Bigger, Better and Smarter

by Padhi, Nikhil; Illa, Prasanna Kumar

Over the past decades, factories have continuously evolved. They became a way of life with the Industrial Revolution, creating jobs and, many times, a township around them....

The Ascent of Quality 4.0

by Watson, Gregory H.

In recent years, the phrase “Quality 4.0” has come into our vocabulary. It derives from the German industrialization program called Industry 4.0 and evaluates the role of quality in an age of increasing digitization and automation of work....

Vox Populi 4.0

by Bowers, Keith; Pickerel, Tina V.

The powerful new tools that drive voice of the customer (VOC) analysis in Quality 4.0 let us see and understand with new clarity products and processes from the customer perspective. If done right, these new approaches can deliver big benefits....

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Knowing When You’ve Added Value

by Keathley, Jane

Creating value is the “golden nugget” of innovation. Without value, there is no innovation. Adding value is what keeps organizations in business, just as quality became a prerequisite for business success in the 1990s....

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