March 2018

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In the Right Direction

by Hacker, Stephen K.

As leaders strive to create quality cultures and enhance their organizations’ performance, understanding inflection points can be valuable. An inflection point signifies a shift in a performance curve and foretells a turning point....

Gaining Ground

by Kafafi, Alaa

The quality professional manages the organization’s quality management system and champions improvement initiatives, which support the organization’s operational effectiveness, but more is required if an organization wants to outperform its competitors....

A Different Kind of BBQ

by Angle, Arron

Before you assume this article presents arguments about charcoal versus natural gas and ways to apply quality to cooking on the grill, think again. It’s not about barbeque. It’s about behavior-based quality, or BBQ....

Impeding Progress

by Kovach, Jamison V.; Sharma, Pratibha

In general, organizational processes tend to be viewed simply as “the way we do things around here.” These routines can be a part of a formal or informal chain of process steps that are conducted to perform the work within an organization....

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