March 2004

Open Access

Learning From Columbia

by Brong, Jerry

In the year since the space shuttle Columbia accident that took the lives of its seven crew members a number of reports say NASA’s management and culture should share the blame. Findings from the accident have significance in all operations...

A Software Company’s TL 9000 Success Story

by Nanda, Vivek “Vic”; Kelly, Tim

When Ulticom, a small software product company, set out to establish a quality management system it considered a number of international standards before pursuing registration to TL 9000, the telecommunications quality management standard based on ISO...

Basic Requirements of a Quality Manual

by Grimes, Kevin R.

If your company is implementing a quality management system based on ISO 9000:2000 standards, the content of the quality manual should reflect ISO 9001 requirements, but it need not match the format. Basically, ISO 9001 asks that you document actions...

Better Teaching with Deming and Bloom

by Hills, James A.

The quality management concepts of W. Edwards Deming can be combined with Benjamin Bloom’s cognitive taxonomy to improve teaching methods. To integrate these concepts, a quality control sheet is developed to monitor improvement, integrate subject...

The Quality of Learning

by Chambers, David W.; Fernandez, Abel A.

Quality in education can be difficult to measure because the educational process differs from manufacturing in certain intrinsic ways. The University of the Pacific’s school of dentistry uses a competency-based approach to education that assumes...

Beyond Standards

by Mroz, Jim; Berglund, Ronald

A quality management system model for the healthcare industry based on ISO 9000 is preventing bureaucratic barriers from channeling resources away from customer service. The Sparrow Health System’s Sparrow Adult Outpatient Rehabilitation Services...

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