March 2001

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The State of Quality Auditing

by Hutchins, Greg

Internal, quality, operational, safety, environmental, compliance, and customer-supplier audits will converge in the near future. In particular, the model is likely to be adopted by publicly held organizations. Because many concepts of internal control...

Column: One Good Idea: The Scripted Flowchart Process

by Anton, Douglas W.

The scripted flowchart is based on the idea that the most useful procedures are usually also the simplest. It is a straightforward documentation method that emphasizes plain English with minimal technical language, jargon and acronyms....

What Would Deming Say?

by Spigener, James B.; Angelo, Paul J.

The behavior-based approach to quality improvement has been increasingly accepted during the 1990s as quality leaders recognized that translating quality into specific and observable practices and behaviors enhances their proactiveness. Quality managers...

The Problems with Managing by Objectives and Results

by Castellano, Joseph F.; Roehm, Harper A.

Management by objectives (MBO) and management by results (MBR) represent the major approaches used by managers to align system objectives with employees' goals and behaviors. The practice continues despite warnings from quality experts that MBO often...

Resolving The Process Paradox: A strategy for launching meaningful process improvement

by Gardner, Robert A.

Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) is critical to business strategy. To improve its value creating abilities, organizations must continuously improve their value creating processes. Before implementing process improvement, organizations should...

ISO 9000 at the Front Line: A Book Excerpt

by Levinson, William A.

Managers and executives often wonder why they should teach front line workers about ISO 9000. Managers have a critical role in providing direction, resources, and vision in regard to ISO 9000, but they must also look beyond these roles and focus on...

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ASQ News

ASQ, in cooperation with a global, interactive network of Six Sigma professionals, has formed a new membership type to support Six Sigma practices internationally. Greg Watson, ASQ president, says the organization is designed to enable Six Sigma professio...

Internet Services Start-up Gains ISO 9001 Certification

by Lilly, David

From the beginning, quality assurance is part of every

SiteROCK was founded in August 1999 to provide outsourced remote monitoring, measurement and management of Internet operations for companies with critical Internet presences. Results: a validation of principles We received our ISO 9001 certification just ...

Dealing With the Achilles' Heel Of Six Sigma Initiatives

by Snee, Ronald D.

Project selection is key to success

The project is completed by assigning a project manager to the project, providing the needed resources and using good project management techniques. Selecting a Six Sigma project The characteristics of good Six Sigma projects are summarized in Table 1. Fi...

Quality Web Watch

Graduate students in Penn State University's quality and manufacturing management program created a Web site that provides free software downloads, charts, selectors, diagram generators and other tools for good analytical approaches to support quality man...

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