February 2019

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Mining Matters

by Chadha, Rajeev

While switching my career from automotive to the mining sector, I realized that the mining of precious metals and commodities is inherently risky....

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18 Steps to Six Sigma Project Success

by Fernandes, Marcelo Machado; Hurst, Jennifer; Antony, Jiju; Turrioni, João Batista; Silva, Messias Borges

Selection and prioritization of Six Sigma projects (SSP) is one of the most frequently discussed issues in Six Sigma literature. If an SSP is poorly selected, positive results are delayed and frustration may build throughout the organization....

Slam Dunk

by Recck, George; Allen, I. Elaine; Kershner, Adam; Mittelmark, Zachary; Seaman, Julia E.

In the last 30 years, we have entered the world of big data. The magnitude and accessibility of data—and the ability to analyze those data—have advanced dramatically....

A Match Made in Maintenance Heaven

by Stoute, Ray

Maintenance management embraces several asset management principles that emphasize short, medium and long-term perspectives, juggling capital vs. operational expenditure to harness the spend, and a project management philosophy....

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