February 2018

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The Crown Jewels of Design

by Liu, Shu

Design for Six Sigma is a customer-oriented design process that guides teams to create something that is right the first time and accurately transfers the voice of the customer into design solutions....

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Office Efficiency

by Davis, Scott Marchand

5S is a proven tool on the factory floor. Indeed, some lean practitioners view it as a necessary first step before moving on to more sophisticated lean methods....

Less Is More

by Yang, Qiuping; Huang, Jian; Pan, Qi; Wang, Jiajie; Wang, Haiyun; Xue, Ping; Su, Qiang

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is a key indicator of a manufacturing organization’s operating efficiency. It is calculated by multiplying the three OEE factors: availability, performance and quality....

Open Lines

by Floyd, Sharon A.

Although we live in the Information Age with advanced technologies, most organizations still struggle with communication....

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