February 2004

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Making Stakeholders a Strategic Asset

by Conti, Tito

Employees and business partners have an important role to play in organizational improvement. Quality models indicate that managing stakeholders to enhance their value generation capability can be a winning strategy....

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Get Staff Involved in Quality Initiatives

by Bolton, Mike

A case study in which a company in the public transportation services industry took on the issue of how a lean quality improvement staff could help the CEO aspire to new levels of business performance without a typical Six Sigma level budget....

Climbing Mount Sustainability

by Anderson, Ray

This year marks an anniversary of sorts for Interface Inc., which produces about 40% of the world’s commercial carpet tiles. Ten years ago, I challenged my company to a new way of thinking: to embrace a new paradigm...

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The Triple Top Line

by Smith, Larry R.

Quality and sustainability are intertwined and provide win/win/win solutions for both the short-term and long-term effects of design on social responsibility, environmental performance and business results. These elements comprise a triple bottom line....

How Better Quality Affects Pricing

by Freiesleben, Johannes

By achieving the highest levels of quality, the cost of poor quality can be minimized. Better production quality increases the maximum potential price and decreases unit production costs....

Can TL 9000 Contribute to Telecom's Turnaround?

by Clancy, Bob

Since TL 9000’s inception near the end of the 20th century, managers and executives have harbored significant skepticism toward the quality management standard for the telecommunications industry....

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