February 2002

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ISO 9001 and 9004: A Framework for Disaster Preparedness

by Kolka, James W.

The terrorist attacks of September 11 forced many to examine their personal and professional preparedness for catastrophe. Those businesses that were able to pull their employees, equipment, and data together after the tragedies had highly...

Column: Statistics Roundtable: Shewhart Charts And Serially Recorded Data

by Hunter, J. Stuart

The ability to produce time series data affects today's statistics...

From Design to Action: Developing a Corporate Strategy

by Crépin, Daniel

Some economists believe that today's turbulent world does not lend itself to traditional strategic planning approaches. Almost daily, sudden changes in the environment challenge carefully constructed plans and require fundamentally new approaches. The...

On Today's Menu: Quality

by Rooney, James J.; Kilkelly, Jenny

Despite concerted efforts by the food industry to comply with federal food safety regulations, the number of food safety incidents has been steadily increasing. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a quality management system that...

Sustainability: Enlarging Quality's Mission

by Hitchcock, Darcy; Willard, Marsha

The past twenty years have seen major changes in the way business is conducted. Quality has taken on an entirely new meaning in the 21st century. In a global economy customer satisfaction, while still a critical business goal, must share the stage with...

Mooooving Toward Six Sigma

by Tylutki, Thomas P.; Fox, Danny G.

A modern dairy farm is a complex, highly integrated system that is capital and labor intensive with low profit margins. One of the largest expenses is purchased feed, yet current quality management practices on these farms fail to make use of analytical...

Quality Web Watch

The master of science in quality assurance offered by the California State University provides coursework on the Internet for career advancement in quality, engineering, science, management, healthcare and government institutions. The National Association...

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ASQ News

When Vickie Ford was a presenter to an annual quality conference sponsored by ASQ's Rochester, NY, section last March, she told them they were making history because she was the first ever massage therapist to speak at a quality conference. Online Six Sig...

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Column: World View: Quality Movement Continues Growth in Brazil

by Miguel, Paulo A. Cauchick

Future expansion expected in small organizations and nonindustrial sector

Since the 1980s, Brazil has gone through profound social, economic and political change. To meet product and service quality demands and to compete globally, both private and public sector Brazilian companies had to make quality a top priority. ISO 9000...

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Column: Emerging Sectors: How To Measure Patient Satisfaction

by Spicer, Jerry

Seven practical recommendations can improve results

Seven practical recommendations can improve results:

  1. Use consistent and established methods and measures to obtain reliable and comparable data.
  2. Focus on areas of dissatisfaction and use a Six Sigma philosophy to effectively achieve...

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