February 2000

Killing Quality with Kindness

by Surplus, Susan Hake

When executives fail to uphold quality standards for their employees, the leaders are compromising the talent and effort of those employees. Well-intended but misguided exceptions to quality standards can lead to disappointment, frustration,...

Quality for the Long Haul at Gerber

by Hagen, Mark R.

For the Gerber Products Co., quality has been a major part of the company's history of trust, commitment, and goodness. Even as early as the original efforts of Daniel and Dorothy Gerber in the 1920s, attention was paid to manufacturing processes and...

Call Resolution: The Wrong Focus for Service Quality?

by Cross, Kelvin F.

For the enlightened help desk or call center, first-time call resolution and closure has become a measure of productivity and customer service. This nontraditional measure could replace more traditional measures like call duration and time to answer...

Enhanced Quality Tools

by Draper, Earl; Ames, Michael

Visibility tools support the management of improvement projects while providing information to investors in proposed projects. There are three categories of cost effective and useful visibility tools. First, object-based simulation software can show...

Bearing the Gift of Royal Performance Indicators

by Engelkemeyer, Susan West; Voos, Richard

A story about a king and queen, their ministers and subjects, and a wise man demonstrate the importance of goals, objectives, strategic planning, and information management. The king is pleased with application of the wise man's plant-grow-check-act...

TQM's Human Resource Component

by Lowery, Christopher M.; Beadles, Nicholas A. II; Carpenter, James B.

A survey of manufacturing firms in Georgia examined human resource (HR) factors and outcomes of implementing total quality management (TQM). Of about 350 firms receiving the survey, 91 produced usable results, 35 of these being from firms using TQM....

An Early SPICE Experience

by van Loon, Han

Assessment model provides measurement and improvement opportunities for a software oriented organization

CelsiusTech Australia, one of only a few software development companies in the world to deliver fully operational combat management systems to first of class naval ships, saw significant improvements after becoming an early adopter of the new ISO standard...

ASQ News

Salford Systems' business intelligence and data mining software products and services allow quantitative analysts to discover drivers of core business processes and develop predictive models to guide strategies. The American Consumer Satisfaction Index (A...

The Quality Twilight Zone

by Harry, Mikel J.

Six Sigma provides tools for crossing the chasm between customer and provider satisfaction

In Figure 4, we see a hypothetical example of one company's performance gap for each factorial combination in relation to the Six Sigma goal and entitlement sigma targets. After all, a Six Sigma part is of little value in a four sigma system, unless for s...

Customer Satisfaction Measurement Instruments

by Jeffries, Rella D.; Sells, Patrick R.

In health care, does one size fit none?

The health care industry should be commended for its efforts to measure customer satisfaction with the services provided. Market researchers develop a customer satisfaction measurement instrument for the first identifiable segment within the industry. For...

Quality Web Watch

The site of the U.S. Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration includes an overview of the Workforce Excellence Board and information on workforce development performance initiatives. The Thomas B. Fordham Foundation promotes excellence...

Open Access

It's All About Improving Performance

by Uhlfelder, Helene F.

Teams should be aware of their problem solving and decision making methods. This meta-problem solving and meta-decision making information can improve team performance of its four basic activities: define the problem; collect data to verify root...

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