February 1997

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Charting New Territory

by Welsh, Frank

Health care applications of flowcharts, cause-and-effect (fishbone) diagrams, and control charts were developed by a team of nurses and a surgeon in an outpatient surgery facility. Flowcharts identified the movement of patients through the facility,...

Integrating ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

by Beechner, Alice B.; Koch, James E.

The integration of standards increases focus while reducing confusion. Elements of the ISO 9001 quality standard can be enhanced with corresponding components of ISO 14001, the environmental management standard. Management responsibilities for the...

Crocodile or Dinosaur?

by Robie, Richard S. "Chip"

For an organization to change, it must know where it is. Is its management culture more like an adaptive crocodile or a dying dinosaur? Crocodile organizations are eager to learn, grow, and continuously improve. Guided by a shared vision, the...

Health Care Organizations Can Learn From the Experiences of Others

by Sanders, Nada R.

A survey of midwestern U.S. hospitals examined implementation of quality programs. To 400 mailed questionnaires, there were 92 usable responses, 73.9% being from urban areas. Median bed size of the respondents was 530. All respondents had quality...

Involving Temporary Workers in Process Improvement Activities

by Lawrence, John J.

A study of the temporary workforce in nine manufacturing organizations in the Pacific Northwest revealed three strategies for their participation in quality initiatives. Temporary workers ranged from 10% to 35% of the production employees at these...

TQM Within FORTUNE 500 Corporations

by Lackritz, James R.

A survey of Fortune 500 corporations examined implementation of total quality management (TQM). The 500 mailed questionnaires produced 95 responses. Almost all (91.5%) of the respondents have a formal quality management program. Of the 80 that follow...

Bored With the Same Old Reference Books?

by Taylor, C. Michael

Registrars for ISO 9000 and QS-9000 certification look for well documented, clear, controlled, and compliant relationships among an organization's entities. Whether the relationships are handled through interface agreements, corporate interlinks, or...

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How Ethics Can Improve Business Success

by Bottorff, Dean L.

An ethics management model provides the opportunity to increase competitiveness and reduce operational inefficiencies. Ethics is a field of philosophy dealing with principles of behavior. Many managers feel that unethical behavior is a problem and...

The Deming View of a Business

by Roehm, Harper A.; Castellano, Joseph F.

Management's commitment to employees and their focus on customers are keys to the organizational change that improves business systems. These concepts pervade the views of W. Edwards Deming, as expressed in his system of profound knowledge and his 14...

Multimedia as a Quality Solution

by Burns, Anthony

For both training and performance support, multimedia software can decrease costs while improving effectiveness, especially in large organizations. This combination of animation, graphics, movies, music, and interactivity allows for one-on-one training...

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