January 2017

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Building Assurance

by Beck, Bruce E.; Isle, Tim

Upgrading facilities can be costly, filled with risks and stressful for those doing the work. To mitigate these challenges during a retrofit project, a pharmaceutical manufacturer used a construction quality assurance program....

Square in the Crosshairs

by Barsalou, Matthew

A root cause analysis is performed to identify the initiating cause of a problem or failure. Part of one definition of a root cause is “a specific underlying cause.”...

Get in Shape

by Markovitz, Daniel

Don't try finding a spot on a StairMaster or in a spin class on Jan. 8. The busiest week of the year at a gym is the second week of the new year. The gym is packed as tightly as people are packed into their spandex shorts....

In the Shadows

by Nigh, Ali

Shadowing employees is a way to engage a process’s true experts—those doing the work. Managers can glean valuable information, accurately document processes and uncover new possibilities for improvement....

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