January 2006

Reflections on the Future of Quality

by Watkins, David K.

Over the years, the intent of quality systems has evolved from enhancing customer satisfaction by meeting their needs to improving overall organizational performance and capabilities. But quality management systems have always lagged behind evolving...

TRIZ: A Creative Breeze for Quality Professionals

by Dew, John

TRIZ, a systematic approach to creative thinking originating in Russia, can help quality professionals develop new approaches and solutions to quality problems. Its creator, Genrich Altshuller, wanted a systematic approach based on the rules of...

After Six Sigma - What's Next?

by Bisgaard, Soren; De Mast, Jeroen

A systematic scientific approach is fundamental to dealing with problems of variability that cause costly defects and quality problems. This idea has remained the foundation of numerous incarnations of quality management and is the basis of the current...

The House That Fraud Built

by LaComb, Christina; Senturk, Deniz

The downfall of several seemingly strong companies has recently occurred after the discovery of extensive and long-running management fraud. While the fraud may not have been readily apparent, certain key indicators act as early warning signs that can...

Good News - If You're Ready

by Phillips-Donaldson, Debbie

Futuring is a structured look ahead aimed at enhancing anticipatory skills. ASQ's most recent futures study, conducted in 2005, identified six key forces of change: globalization, innovation, outsourcing, consumer sophistication, value creation, and...

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