January 2004

Open Access

Match the Change Vehicle and Method to the Job

by Harvey, Jean

Processes are at the core of continuous improvement, and improvement happens when a process is changed in one way or another....

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Methods

by Ograjensek, Irena; Thyregod, Poul

Using statistical methods in quality management systems (QMSs) has been discussed ever since the advent of total quality management (TQM) and ISO 9000 certification. Yet statistics remain an often neglected component of quality management systems....

From Conflict to Collaboration

by Gupta, Anirban

The relationship between a customer and supplier helps determine a product or service’s quality. The stronger the relationship, the more value it can offer....

Faster Test Results

by Godin, Eric; Raven, Dennis; Sweetapple, Carolyn; Del Guidice, Frank R.

Southside Hospital used Six Sigma to reduce test turnaround times from 68 hours to an average of 32 hours. The use of quality tools helped the hospital improve the sigma level for stress test turnaround....

Six Sigma in Metaphor: Heresy or Holy Writ?

by Edgeman, Rick L.; Bigio, David

We begin by assuming everyone knows what Six Sigma is. Even in this forum of quality professionals, we know this to be untenable, although it seems likely this is not the first time readers have heard the term...

Offense and Defense

by Land, Thomas T.

To improve its quality, an enterprise must fight two battles. It must prevent new problems, such as wear and tear on equipment, increasingly stringent customer requirements, new product introductions and employee turnover, from affecting its processes....

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