January 2001

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Fire in the Hole

by Land, Russ

Quality professionals must be able to measure progress by creating a baseline to determine the effectiveness of their programs. The Japanese process known as kaizen refers to continuous improvement of quality to internal customers, which reduces costs....

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Managing in Uncertainty: Lessons from the Underground

by Spindler, Garold R.

Corporate results can only be improved in the face of uncertainty if the management process itself is defined, developed, and monitored carefully. In some industries, including the mining industry, high levels of uncertainty impact results. In such...

Quality Culture in Small Business: Four Case Studies

by Watson, Mary Anne; Gryna, Frank M.

Companies of all sizes must focus on four elements in order to determine their quality standing. These include a firm's position relative to market competition, the cost of poor quality for the organization, the quality culture, and the effectiveness of...

Industrywide Shakeout

by Pritts, Bradley A., Jr.

The Big Three automobile manufacturing firms in North America have raised the bar on quality performance requirements. The tightened demands are aimed at suppliers, third-party auditors, and registrars. Recent developments have redefined the direction...

Business Process Orientation: Do You Have It?

by McCormack, Kevin

The current business environment, characterized by global competition, demanding customers, and e-commerce, requires the best organizations to become faster, more flexible, and customer-focused. Process orientation and process reengineering are concepts...

Market Research for Quality in Small Business

by Rhey, William L.; Gryna, Frank M.

If they want to survive, small businesses must focus on satisfying customers by providing the products and services of the best quality. Market research allows companies to determine what customers want. There are several benefits for quality to be...

Fit and Flow of Quality

by Bell, Timothy; Becker, Timothy

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is a process that uses powerful tools offering a way to resolve problems before they affect customers. If the process is not approached in an appropriate manner, however, its result may be less than positive. The...

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ASQ News

ASQ's 8th Annual ISO 9000 Conference will be held March 19-21 at the Hilton Hotel in Reno, NV. In conjunction with the ISO 9000 conference, an ISO 14000 conference will be held March 21-22 at the same location, with joint sessions on ISO 19011 auditing se...

Developing a Learning Organization In the Public Sector

by Hassounah, Jamil

Juran Trilogy used as project model

The combination of those statements motivated the deployment of a quality improvement project within the Health Care Department (HCD) of the city of Campinas in Brazil. The need for this is strengthened by the World Health Organization's recent report on ...

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Implementing Quality Programs in the Not-for-Profit Sector

by Lowery, Daniel

The success of quality programs at non-profit organizations often depends on intermediary organizations. These organizations may act as catalysts and include elements of encouragement, support, cajoling, and mandate. United Way organizations are in a...

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Column: One Good Idea: Evaluating Just-In-Time Projects From a More Focused Framework

by Sauers, Dale G.

While there is no way to guarantee a project's success, considering its contribution toward company goals is a step in the right direction. To see JIT project results, begin by articulating a goal that everyone agrees with....

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